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Hello friends!

My name is Gandalf White, but my real name is Serz. I'm freelancer, live in Riga, Latvia. 

At the moment, I create comics book and develop indie game for PC. This two things are main goals of my dream. This is the only way to express myself like a creator and like an artist and I love to write scenario and image this to pictures.

All my whole life in my circle society people always hurt me, because I do beautifull things what they can't do and they don't understand what I think in my mind. Theirs opinion that all artist are sick people and have problem with finances, uneployed. They think It's bad to talk with us.

I want prove they are wrong. They will work for paying bank credit and waste his time in front of TV, but at this time I do my dreams comes true. And become one of successful artist and game developer like you, like professional, dreamer of hope.

I hope you know this feeling and will understand me. I be glad if you will support me in my difficult time.

Main goals in the future:
  • Get screen version of my comics story, like manga artist get anime;
  • Create other my project. Of course another indie game about my french bulldog adventure for wider audience and another comics stories.
When I drawing, I feel alive.

P.S.: If my idea to go all according to plan, I want open little office in Riga for artists with great ideas and help them to publish there art to journal, or something similar, and help to develope his skills without Nazi and corrupted education in Latvia.
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I'll be glad to know if you will support to my ideas come popular and follow to my progress.
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