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I truly appreciate even a single dollar every month. Any amount helps me achieve my goal of one day having my novels published, really. A dollar each month bestows upon you not only mine, but the thanks of all my characters, no matter how evil or deranged they may be. Thanks for the support!
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As with the $1.00 per month, you have the eternal thanks of myself and my characters. However, with the increased support, I will hold a monthly question and answer session where I will answer most of your questions (I can't give away important plot points and such!).
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With the $10.00 a month payment, you get everything from the previous two tiers, and I will share one of my of my previously written short stories once a month. I have a lot of them, plus I will be writing more!




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About James Raisanen

A man sits in front of his computer screen, contemplating the words to say which will make someone on the other side of the screen interested in the stories that he writes. He begins to type, then deletes the words that appeared. He sits back and thinks some more, then begins to type again, only to press the backspace button until it can no longer eat the black letters in front of it. He does this over and again until he finally comes up with a stroke of inspiration and furiously types out the message you see on your screen. He hopes that what he has shown the reader is enough to entice him or her to want to read more. The stories of fantasy, horror, science fiction, sometimes romance, and a few other genres thrown in for good measure which await the other person should he or she decide to support him.

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