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About Yrsillar

Hello everyone! I am an aspiring author of the fantasy genre, mostly working on serial fiction, forum based collaborative stories, and soon, e-books. It's been quite a few years since I took the suggestion from a reader to start making a living from what had previously been a hobby, and I can't say I regret it. I'm thankful to each and every patron who finds my work enjoyable enough to be worth some of their hard earned cash.

As a writer, my primary interest is in character driven stories. That's not to say that my work doesn;t have plots, but my readers have likely noticed at this point that the sort of action driven plots that most modern storytelling prefers is less prominent in my works. This is a deliberate choice for me. Often, when reading stories, I find myself wishing that less time was spent on villains and grand events, and more on  interaction, interpersonal conflict, and why they do things. Going by my reader numbers at least a few folks have the same inclinations!

My primary work at this time is Forge of Destiny, a work based on eastern fantasy web serials which have started to become more prevalent and popular. It was originally created as a forum game called a 'quest' in which I the author, would write sections of the story and then present choices for the main character to make. The quests readers then vote, determining which of the options presented that the character takes. It's a little like a Choose Your Own Adventure novel, if with a lot more arguing.

Now it has been adapted as a web serial, and soon a release of the first third of said serial will see release as an E-book. Right now, Forge of Destiny can be found on Royal Road and Neovel. (The Neovel version isn't quite caught up yet). If you find it posted anywhere else, let me know, someone's stealing!

The original Forge of Destiny Quest can be found here warts and all.

It's sequel Threads of Destiny can be found here

In addition, my fans have quite a little lively community on Discord, where folks enjoy chatting about my stories, doing math for the game elements of the Threads of Destiny chat and posting fanworks. In addition, Discord is the place where patrons can find the early access channels where I post commissioned works and other bonuses.

A link to my discord can be found hereNow, I just mentioned commissions. That's right, I am willing to write other content if you're willing to pay for it! These can vary from bits of worldbuilding not immediately relevant to the main story, short stories about secondary or tertiary characters, or even just stories about different parts of the world Forge of Destiny takes place in. Now, after having done this for awhile, I've found it necessary to make a few different pricing categories.

The least expensive category is worldbuilding pieces. Worldbuilding pieces are written in the format of in-universe fragments of documents and do not contain dialogue or present tense action. These pieces are from 1,000 to 1,500 words in length. These pieces are $40 dollars per section.

Next up are secondary character or alt-universe pieces. These works are short stories about one or more other characters from the main story, doing things out of view of the main character, or unrelated to the main plot. These pieces are from 1,500-2,000 words in length. They cost $50 dollars. Multi part stories may be commissioned as well with a 10% discount for each part if there are three or more requested.

Lastly is a category that I haven't written much of yet, but this is for essentially wholly original works, which require me to create multiple new characters and flesh out some previously unseen part of the setting. Stories taking place significantly in the past or future of the setting would also go here. Essentially, asking me to create a whole other side story. These chapters would be 1,500-2,500 words in length. The price would be $70 dollars per chapter, with the above discount for requests of three or more chapters.

Commissions go on a list found on my discord and are written in order of request. Payment is via paypal, and charges are done on completion of the work. To request a commission, contact me via Discord DM or my email at [email protected]
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