is creating Wildlife habitats, a child-friendly farm and lots of videos

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Hello People.

We're Sandra and Tim and we have a very small farm in the West of Ireland - where we mostly look after bees and birds and wildlife in general. We plant trees, dig ponds, create habitats - because nature is wonderful and we are privileged to be part of it.

We also run a Therapeutic Riding Centre where people of all sorts (but mostly children) come to interact with donkeys and horses and hens and dogs and pigs and sheep - to make them feel better physically and emotionally.

To support our farm we sell honey and other farm products, and we have a YouTube channel (Way Out West ) where we show some of the things we do here - from beekeeping to gardening, tree-planting to sheep-milking (and a lot of fun stuff in between). We also have an online shop (Way Out West Emporium), where we sell the books and craft items that we’ve made. We’re getting by, and no-one’s going hungry, and it’s all fun - but it’s not easy.

The thing is, we have LOTS more interesting plans for this place. We’d like to dig that other pond and fence off another wildlife reserve. We’d like to build an indoor riding arena so the children who come to visit aren’t out in the rain half the time. We’d like to build a big glasshouse and somewhere for helpers to stay. And a dry workshop for Tim. In the meantime it’s a bit of a struggle even to keep the car on the road and the rain out of the barn. So, if you’d like to help, then thank you, that would be absolutely wonderful (and if you don’t then that’s fine too!).

We’re extremely lucky just as we are. But sometimes nature and life are generous and abundant, and we're standing here with our arms wide open, just in case  : - )

Thanks for considering us, T & S


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