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About Eastern Front Theatre

A Local Treasure with a National Reputation

Eastern Front Theatre Company, Halifax Regional Municipality’s most prominent theatre dedicated to the development, production and promotion of Atlantic Canadian theatre artists, is now in its 24th season.

Committed to the pursuit of artistic excellence, the company engages and presents the work of Atlantic Canada’s most established and respected artists as well as fostering the successes of tomorrow. Featured in our wide range of programming are the works of both acclaimed writers and the experimental creations of emerging East Coast talents.

It is the mission of Eastern Front Theatre to provide HRM audiences with plays that speak directly to the Atlantic Canadian experience. Audiences continue to enjoy original works inspired by our unique history and environment.

Eastern Front Theatre is a primary source for the development of Atlantic Canadian plays and playwrights. The company has commissioned, developed, and presented dozens of original dramatic works for the stage, providing opportunities and a public platform for playwrights to showcase their work. With three Governor’s General Award nominations (Consecrated Ground, Corker and The Glace Bay Miners Museum), Eastern Front Theatre has proven itself as a leader in the development of new Canadian plays.

Eastern Front Theatre has a strong commitment to the hiring of Atlantic Canadian theatre artists. Throughout our history, the company has employed hundreds of local actors, directors, designers and technicians who have been given outstanding opportunities to produce their best work.

Situated in Nova Scotia’s capital, at 1580 Barrington, in HFX's downtown core, Eastern Front Theatre has a strong record of community involvement; our partnerships with diverse community groups have built an inclusive atmosphere surrounding our operations. Together with the local community, we both explore and celebrate the Atlantic Canada. Eastern Front Theatre reaches the hearts and minds of our audiences through the presentation of theatrical work that speaks directly to where we live.

In our next year, we are thrilled to produce Michael Melski's play Creepy & Little Manson, the 2016 STAGES THEATRE FESTIVAL (June 2016) and then a new season of great Atlantic Canadian theatre...which we announce April 2016.

In November 2015, Eastern Front Theatre welcomed new Artistic Producer Jeremy Webb.

"I can't wait to announce the line-up for the Stages Festival and then the plans for my first TWO seasons as Artistic Producer," says Webb. "The theatre we have planned for our audience is going to excite, engage and re-establish EFT as a powerhouse of production. I hope that our patrons will feel the pull as we ask you to support us once again."

"We simply cannot do what we do without this kind of support. Box office, corporate sponsorship, government funding all plays a major part. But it is a PATRON that is the heartbeat of a theatre company. You don't just make a donation; you invest your time, love and energy in actually supporting the arts. Thank you for considering becoming a Patron of Eastern Front Theatre."

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In order to ensure EFT continues it's mission to produce Atlantic Canadian stories, produce theatre that features Atlantic Canadian artists, we have a $2500/month Patron Fund goal. Every single dollar will appear on the stage over the next year as we bring you (in the year 2016 alone) 7 full length plays (2 MainStage and the STAGES Festival,) workshops, special events, one-nighters, and chances to hear brand new work from exciting emerging artists.
  • EFT is the only theatre company in Atlantic Canada who make it their sole mission to produce Atlantic Canadian work. 
  • EFT has a long history of producing theatre from respected East Coast playwrights: Michael Melski, Wendy Lill, George Boyd, Hans Boggild, George Elliott Clarke, Joanne Miller.
  • EFT will announce its 2016 STAGES Theatre Festival on March 3rd
  • EFT will announce it's next TWO MainStage seasons on April 7th.
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