Tavishi's Care Fractal

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About Tavishi's Care Fractal

I have a dream, of building a care fractal.

A fractal that grows and supports itself. A fractal of care and connection to nourish our community. A community of QTBIPOC folks that are able to further care and connect with other QTBIPOC folks with its tendrils outstretched to transform the future. Community care is not only an art and but also a science. But I cant do it by myself. 

I have created this patreon as a way to initiate and maintain this care fractal. 

All of the money generated on this platform will go into the community in various forms such as helping QTBIPOC folks with emergencies, medical needs, supporting their art as well as aiding access to different forms of knowledge, equipment and education. In return for your donations I am willing to provide various services that will be described in details in the tiers. If you rather barter with me, that is okay too! Not everything in this world needs to have a price tag attached. 

I have been sort of maintaining this fractal on my own, from whatever money I made from art, tapes, out of town shows, workshops etc. they all went back into the community in various forms. But I am trying to make my efforts a little more sustainable. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions/clarifications!
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Dimension 1: Snowflake
per month

You are the atoms that build this fractal!! You put together a crystal that can give rise to water bodies and control weather. Your each drop contributes to the ocean we want to build.

Dimension 2: Fern
per month

You lie in the shadows but you are controlling entire ecosystems!!  Not only that you are source of medicine and aid in the removal of toxins. Your donations similarly help the ecosystem of our local community. 

Dimension 3: Blood vessel
per month

You help nourish the community like a blood vessel!! Blood vessels transport oxygen and nutrients to the different organs of the body and your donations similarly nourish this care fractal

Dimension 4: River distributaries
per month

You support the care fractal like an integral system!! River systems regulate not only their neighboring areas but also the climate. Ancient civilizations have propped up and flourished only because of their presence.  Your donations help the care fractal to flourish and grow. 

Dimension 5: Lightning
per month

Like the mighty lightning strike you create very visible (and audible) changes in the environment!! Lightning splits nitrogen in the air into ions and charges to the ground. You similarly help this fractal to charge ahead. 

Dimension 6: EGF
per month

You are the Electromagnetic gravitational field that holds the atoms together to the planets revolving in space time!! Your contributions ensure that the fabric of this fractal can extend into the future and transform it. 

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