Walk Away Slave

is creating A care center for cultural awareness for diaspora in Nicaragua.

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Dear, family,

I live in Eastern Nicaragua in a place called Bluefields. It can be loosely compared to the "Black Wall Street" of Tulsa, except that it was destroyed it slowly instead of overnight..

A short history of Bluefields [Very short and a not unfamiliar]:
The Dutch Pirate Baufelds "discovered" this place and stole ships with slaves on them who were freed because Blaufelds felt no need for them.

Now we have the divide and conquer in full force here. We have about 4 categories of Afrikan/native/Indian people who all call themselves anything but black... You know what I am talking about. This used to be a paradise with only indigenous people. The more people came and mixed, the more they felt the need to separate themselves from their source... but it is not too late to inspire our people with the strength and knowledge to reverse this on-going theft and rape of this amazingly beautiful place that nobody knows about...

We have been giving small lectures and planting seeds of pride and unity and - NOW - We have managed to get a piece of land for free. 38x12 meters! It over-looks a lagoon and used to be a slaughter house for cows and such. From a place of death to a place of rebirth!

We have been working day and night to come up with a plan to make an eco/community center on this land; A place to re-educate our people, teach them their history and power and we have have to transform of own lives autonomously . We plan to have guest speakers from around the world. The people of the community we have approached are very excited about this but they need guidance and leadership. I have designed the area to serve as a sanctuary. It will be constructed with plastic bottles [maybe you have heard of this construction method?]. As plastic bottles are a major problem all over the world, this place is no exception. We will clean up this village.

We will be involving the students of the university here to get involved in their various areas of study, such as engineering and artistry, to give them practical experience and build confidence in their abilities and opportunities for their futures. We know that, when the community sees what is happening, they will all begin to follow the direction of a better community in this area in our global family mission.

Meamoor Eco Cultural Center will be a place of theater arts with performances by the students who want to learn to sing and dance. We will encourage musicians to promote their art. We will teach real history and culture to all - especially the youth, who are our future. The garden area will host a variety of edible and medicinal plants and we will share information on how to stay out hospitals [:)]. We will encourage the elders who are remaining to come and pass on knowledge that only they remember... All in all, this will be a place where we can feel excited to come to and love and learn about who we are and what we are capable of.

Please help us. We need to keep this land and get this project strongly developed before we lose the momentum.. You know how it goes out here; Land unattended will be squatted. Whatever you can do is for us all in this global army awakening. And there are about 35-40,000 of us here. There will be Weekly updates on the documentation of this project.
May whatever you can contribute, to make it happen, come back to you 3 fold.

NEEDS: Construction materials. Mostly cement! We have plenty of bottles! Cement will get us started in a "solid" way. :)

Love and respect, family.

Upendo na heshima, Familia

Meamoor Center

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