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A Thank you of course but we will also have you participate in any poll we take to decide what products or topics we cover!  Weigh in on the content we provide!
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We will add a Thank you to each of our videos for the month that includes your name! Plus participation in our polls.
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We will allow you to pick one of the games we cover on a regular basis and Name a character in that game. Name it after yourself, or come up with a name, it's your choice!  Your character will be featured in a BatRep and of course we will give you credit in the video!




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About Benito Senence

As the video states, we are a gaming community that tries to bring you a variety of gaming information.  From unboxing videos to battle reports (BatRep), we try to showcase the different games available, accessories to those games, rules, and more to entertain and inform you, our fellow gamers.
Whether it is table top gaming, video games, or an RPG, we tackle them all.  We know that variety is what our viewers want.
The money we raise through our Patreon campaign will go into assisting us in continuing to provide this variety of content to our community (You!).  Each dollar donated (monthly) will help purchase a new game, new figures, new terrain, new equipment and more.  That's right, we are only asking for monthly donations as we try and put up videos and content on a frequent basis.  To date we have over 260 videos on our YouTube page.  We've just added a community forum and through our website ( we plan on adding more content on top of that, but we need your help.
Join our community, our gaming family and help us keep gaming alive!
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If Spectre Studios gets up to $100 support we will get those starter sets from major gaming companies. We will have an unboxing video and will follow up with batrep videos with what's inside. If you do a pledge for a character named after you we can start you with that starter set. Again we love everyone that supports us and help us make this production work!
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