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Automotive Engineer
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Automotive engineers are at the start of every new vehicle. These are the people that love taking a pile of scrap metal to get it moving over 200mph. You'll typically find them in garages mixing explosives, metal, and pressure together to reach some nasty speeds.

Automotive engineers are eligible for early access WHEN THE GAME IS READY. 

Crew Member
per month

Crew members boldly represent their crew. They're adrenaline junkies looking for a rush. They anxiously wait the next time they get to feel the pedal on the metal again. These are the people you dont want to throw your keys too. They'll have your car sideways on the first test drive turn. 

Crew members are eligible for early access WHEN THE GAME IS READY.

Crew Leader
per month

Good crew leaders proudly lead from the front. They always chose their team over themselves because its in their identity. They're known to pass free cars or parts to members. The crew leader is typically focused on getting the crew what they need to win more races.

Crew leaders are eligible for early access WHEN THE GAME IS READY, and they can get access to the patreon-only discord channel. When the World of Pursuits game devs want feedback, they'll use this channel primarily. We want to prioritize our supporters feedback.

About Thumper Games

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Why Are We Making This?

I was a big street racer growing up. I've been in cuffs a few times going too hard in cars. I'm 31 now and realize that's stupid behavior, but i still struggle to say no to any stranger on the road that wants to mess around. Between growing up on dirt-bikes, racing cars, and a tour to Afghanistan in the infantry, I got hooked on adrenaline. It has slowly morphed into anxiety and feeling stuck. I NEED a safe outlet to get the rush and my passions are cars and computers. I've been a full-stack developer for almost a decade now and I've started to combine my passions into making World of Pursuits.

How Is This Game Different Than Other Racing Games?


World of Pursuits is not going after profit, its not going after fame, its only going for the adrenaline rush at all cost. Current street racing games are boring and miss the concept of street racing. They don't have any real risk in them. I've looked over and over for a high risk racing game. You need risk present for adrenaline to be present. You can get a rush being a pro racing gamer, but we're not all pro gamers. In current games if you crash or lose, who cares? God forbid if you have to re-spawn, or have to retry a race. That's 0 adrenaline, 0 risk, and 0 appeal to real racers or thrill seekers. World of pursuits is the opposite.

Risk Factor

In world of pursuits players have to spend their own time building vehicles. All vehicles are custom built by players, and all vehicles can be lost. A supercar will require 1 week of waiting on factory jobs to complete, then a little time assembling all the parts together. Cheaper cars can be built under an hour. This has a MAJOR impact on risk during racing. If you get pushed off a cliff in a supercar, there goes 1 weeks of waiting. You could buy another one from a player if they're willing to sell, or you'll have to build your own again. This game will be a brutal emotional roller-coaster. The durability of vehicles will be based on the vehicles build. Do you want to be a glass rocket? Or do you think the turtle wins the race? The more you win, the more sponsors you get (extra income per race). The more you lose, the sponsors will leave.

Player VS Player

There's only PVP racing in World of Pursuits. Players can also donate their vehicles to become volunteer police and start PVP police chases. In a PVP police chase, both the cop and suspect are risking value. World of Pursuits has a global speed limit. A player cop can start a chase if they get a radar gun lock on a speeding player, or if they run a plate that's wanted. Only vehicles without bounties can be police, but you'll need a car with a bounty to enter the Gumball Race.

The Gumball Race

You'll have to risk A LOT to win the Gumball Race. This is the "raid" race that most players wont ever win. Were not sure how many players can be on a server at once yet, but we want as many players as possible in a 30min race all over the island. Bring your own car with no restrictions. No rules, most players wont finish. If you think you're good at racing games, prove it in World of Pursuits.

Subscription Tier

Players will need to go to the DMV in-game in order to get or renew they're license. Once the player has a valid license they can buy car insurance and rent property like garages or homes.
When Will The Project Be Live?
Hopefully around 1 more year. I worked on this project solo for a yr, I hired a few contractors to help this year, and hopefully around the end of 2020 we'll have something live. I've been funding this project myself. The game will go live with or without extra funding, but it will help get the game live faster. Were currently working towards our minimal viable product. Because the game is free-to-play, we'll go live as soon as we can while continuing to improve and add features. Once we have brought all the pieces together and functionality is bug free we'll open it slowly to the public starting with our backers and investors. Expect cosmetic and audio bugs on initial release, but we want to get it live ASAP to let our players help guide the games direction. Cars and computers have been a passion of mine forever, and I plan to continue developing World of Pursuits for life.

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