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About #SitDownToStandUp2020WorldWide

Thanks for supporting this World Wide Sit-In Campaign to restore we the people to our rightful place as the creators of value and content. Money and Banks do not create value, We the people do!!

To donate a one time donation to this campaign; https://paypal.me/homesteadtraders?locale.x=en_US, Thank you for your support!

I would like to extend a special invitation to all content creators and social media influencers to get on board and do a video about how and why you plan on participating this July 4th weekend.

When did you become aware of the need for systemic change?

I am available for interviews to help people get the word out.

Because we all need a medium of exchange that cannot be manipulated, this affects almost everyone world wide.

We can do this, we have the Power!!

We can build a better way before all the worlds Fiat currencies go to ZERO value.

What will be the consequences if we don't act now?

Gandhi and Rosa Parks had the right Idea, Sit Down To Stand Up!!

Protesting in the streets lends itself to being co-opted and often leads to riots and violence.

 Does giving away our power by voting work in our best intrests? 

Can we reclaim our value?

How do we do this?

Do need a period of discussion World-Wide?

I am proposing that we the people of the world have a Giant World-Wide Sit -In on July 3,4 and 5, 2020.

Gather your families and friends and have a big party and reconnect and reaffirm our importance to each other.

Bankers do not create Value, we the people do.

Please share this with your contact list and lets get the party started!!

  on twitter https://twitter.com/SitDownToStand1
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