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   Hey there, Friend! My name is Rayle Entair. I'm a light-hearted, jovial bastard who loves to make YouTube videos. These videos tend to (but not always) focus on RPGs and what they are like, how to play them, and how to figure out which lever you should pull so you don't get nommed on by a giant monster.

  Why should you give me money? What do you get in return? Why do I deserve it? Am I an Elf?

These are all very good and thoughtful questions to ask. The more income I have, the more games i'll be able to purchase and make videos about them. There are also some unique situations where i can add YOUR name to my videos! These can range from things like NPCs, Graves, Pets. e.t.c.  Stuff like that. If any of that sounds worthy of your buck, then hop on board!
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My current goal is to finish my latest Neverwinter Nights series, followed by, most likely, Shadowguard and/or Kingmaker; The two sub-modules of the game. Afterwards? Iunno.. I'll probably go make a sandwhich or something.
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