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My vocation in life is to prepare communities to take stronger action. I do this by offering workshops on a gift basis to those who want to challenge the structures of supremacy and build a more equitable world. In addition to leading workshops, I also assist with action planning (including marches), governance, strategy, and more. I also assist groups with mass actions and civil disobedience from training and planning to assisting with design and technical help.

Since I have committed to gift economics I rely on gifts from people like you to sustain my work. While I don’t let how much someone will pay me change my mind about whether or not I want to help, how much money I have does change my ability to lead trainings, especially in-person training. I have trained groups and received between $0 and $4,500. And try to give everyone my best work and the best experience possible regardless of the funds they have. I’ve also done enough trainings that in the past I had to leave my paid work in order to keep up with the demand. Which makes contributions here even more vital. Thanks for any contribution you make, and remember the best gift to me is to use any of my work to help challenge supremacy and make the world a better place.

In my studies of social justice movements, I have found two key elements that are essential for the success of any movement.

The first element is that nonviolence is not only the end we want, it is also the best way to achieve that end. While this has been a long-held moral belief,we now know (thanks toErica Chynoweth) that nonviolent movements are twice as likely to succeed as violent ones.
The second element is that success is more likely if communities are prepared for conflict. In Nashville 1959, a group of activists trained underJim Lawsonfor about a year before launching their famous sit-in campaign to desegregate the lunch counters.Otpor!researched and planned for about a year before launching a movement that would be pivotal for overthrowing their dictator. Both of these groups produced leaders who would go on to help many other movements fight for freedom.

While I have been dedicated to nonviolence for many years, these are the reasons I’ve devoted my life to helping prepare groups to take nonviolent action; to build the communities and the structures we need to make the world a better place.
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