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First of all, I'd like to thank all of you for watching our videos, sharing them with your friends, subscribing, ringing the bell, giving us feedback, and sending us products to review.

I produce the  JULinux distribution , and many tutorial videos, and unboxing review videos. 

I have put together a list of God's Laws and rules from the Torah and Gospels. http://www.ChristianCourts.com .  I want to find a way to start a ministry to spread God's Law and Salvation to others. I also want a Christian Community where it is safe to live. This takes even more cash than I can ask for on Patreon. $100,000,000.00 US at the most I think. In the meantime I have other short term goals, like buying a truck, and a new Video Editing Computer.

We want to do more. More videos, Better Videos, More People in our Videos... And we want you with us every step of the way. THAT'S RIGHT !!! We will be recording all our progress. Others want to join our channel and make videos with us, but to do that requires living expenses until this YouTube channel pays for all our expenses. Our Video Equipment is very limited at the moment, and we want to deliver 4K video to all our viewers! Our Existing Video Studio needs a Renovation, including a new Roof, Walls, Bathroom, Storage, and Electrical. If we can pay for all our expenses we can also do more Linux Tutorial Videos, or other videos you request. 

The Video studio lacks a foundation under it, and the building needs to be replaced with a new building. Some of the wood might be able to be re-used. $250,000 - $350,000 would replace the entire building. There are several places on the roof where there is no roofing at all, open holes that let water directly through and ruin the floor beneath. Thanks to God the area that I film in is not leaking at the moment, and I don't have a very good logical explanation as to why it's not leaking, other than the divine hand of God! You can see it has leaked in the past. https://youtu.be/uTCRCaUetkY

Video Equipment:
4K Camcorders
4K POV Cameras
4K Drone
Tripods, Mounts...
Storage, Hard Drives and SD Cards.
Video Production Software $500.00
Lighting, Backdrops,
$10,000 http://a.co/fpM0FDS

4K Video Editing Machine with 128 CPU Threads $21,000.00

Living Expenses.
$2,400 a month: $40,800
(With this I can invest more in my videos as well, for travel, accessories, or products that I would need in a particualr video.)

Video Studio Renovation Costs:

Total: $421,800.00 US

Other expenses are listed under my Goals section.

I need a new Video Editing Computer $30,000 US https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SF6uY5TNJf0

I need transportation. I haven't had enough time or enough money to fix my car. Most of my time has gone into making videos. I would love to get my car going, buy a truck, and be able to finish my motorbike project

Again, I'd like to thank all of you for watching our videos, sharing them with your friends, subscribing, ringing the bell, giving us feedback, and sending us products to review.

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Video Equpment 
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