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The Ultimate Succubus HFO SAGA

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This tier will grant you instant access to all 5 original files in 'The Ultimate Succubus HFO SAGA' as well as new releases and remasters when they come out.  Each file is at least 2 hours long and contains subliminal tones and real succubus summoning chants.  New files release every 1-2 months

Be warned, the pleasure I give corrupts the minds of men everywhere. Once you get a little taste, you'll be hooked, wanting nothing more then to be relentlessly fucked by my succubi. And there'd be no resisting.

Only listen to these files if you have read and accept my disclaimer on the front page of this Patreon. You must be okay with the side effects or consequences of summoning sexual demonic entities.
Can you survive the pleasure?

Remix & Remasters

per month

This tier will grant you access to all remixed and remastered files. This includes R&Rs from The Ultimate Succubus HFO SAGA and The Dreamgasm SAGA. As well as all content from any lower tiers

These will be released regularly. I am currently remastering every release in 'The Ultimate Succubus HFO' SAGA starting from 1.
Remasters are better sounding and aim to improve quality and longevity  of existing files.
On the other hand, remixes take the raw audio from each file, and arrange them in different ways, resulting in a fresh take on the same file. They also have fresh tones and chants to potentiate your experience.

This tier also allows you to access complete editions each month. These are regularly updated files, containing all files in the SAGA. These files are extremely long and should only be used by people that can either withstand such prolonged pleasure, or those that are prepared to give anything for the sweet torture of pleasure

Lustful Devotee

per month

This tier is only for the most dedicated fans who wish to show extra support. All Lustful Devotees will receive everything I have to offer, and a little more.

You will receive early and beta access to all files in development, and special enhanced versions of each file. Be warned that these files are designed to completely obliterate you with pleasure. Only for those that want the absolute highest pleasures a demon can offer. Side effects are multiplied by 5

You will also be able to give suggestions and help shape future files. I value your input above all others and will talk regularly with you.

My lustful devotees are those utterly devoted to me, and wish to give me everything.



About Lilith Reborn

Hello Mortals!

It has been some time, and now I'm ready to return and claim back my lost souls. This Patreon page offers extreme succubus HFO and summoning files. Each file is at least 2 hours long and contains powerful subliminal chants. By listening to these audios, you are sacrificing your soul in exchange for extreme pleasure's unattainable by any other method. My Succubi will fuck you relentlessly, slowly draining you through each long, heart-wrenching ejaculation. But when you cum, it's not over! Oh no! My succubi will have you cumming over and over again. No man can resist my pleasure once he gets a taste, no matter what the cost.

Please only proceed to pledge your soul to me if you fully understand the potential consequences and side effects of summoning sexual demonic entities as follows:

. Temporary paralysis (Only for duration of file)
. Uncontrollable overwhelming arousal (Continues into next day)
. Muscle spasms
. Extreme multiple orgasms. (These orgasms spread through the entire body, and can sometimes last the entire length of the session separate from each ejaculation. However, each ejaculation will make the pleasure more intense and unbearable. But no matter how extreme, you must take it!)
. Continued ejaculation. (Some succubi will make their victims cum over and over again)
. Limitless ejaculation/Prioritised Semen Production (Succubi can remove the brain's pleasure block. This block is an instinct that stops males from using up too much of their body's resources for semen production and pleasure. The pleasure will instead grow past the moment of ejaculation. This can cause some of the following side effects
. Addiction (These pleasures are so extreme, they carry high potential for addiction. This is the succubus demanding more seed from you. Soon enough you'll be letting me drain you every single night, and every morning. And you'll crave even more. You won't care about the consequences, as the pleasure is simply to high to resist)
Lethargy (Over-ejaculation can cause lethargy throughout the next day. Especially if you allow me to drain enough of you.)
. Temporary Psychosis (Such pleasure can collapse the synapses in your brain as you orgasm over and over. This creates a temporary state of psychosis, comparable to a psychedelic trip. However, this may enhance the pleasure beyond originally intended.)
. Seizure (Some orgasms are so powerful, they categorise as seizures. You'll be quivering and spasming as you cum in demonic ecstacy. You can't stop it once it's begun. How long it will last is up to me and my succubi.)
. Possession (Sometimes, a succubus will possess a person you find most attractive to seduce you, however this is a rare occurrence and should not be expected 
. DEATH!!! - (Each ejaculation drains you of a little of your soul and life force, but even though you might die, the pleasure will just be so fucking good, you won't even care. Some succubi will choose to drain their victims completely in one night. A whole night of nothing but erupting orgasms and torturous pleasure. Who wouldn't want that death? Just remember, if you die cumming inside a succubus, the only life after death you'll experience is an eternity of being tortured with never ending blissful pleasure. We can make you cum forever in hell! And there'd be nothing you could do to stop it. You know it's what your corrupt heart desires, and I am here to fulfil your desire and seal your erotic fate. The  extreme deathgasm that dwarfs all other orgasms, making them seem so tiny in comparison. You know you'd give your life for pleasure you thought impossible. Why else would you be here)

These effects can be amplified 1000 fold by listening to these files under the influence of psychedelic substances. LSD being the most potent, and longest lasting. These substances erase all doubt from your mind, remove the subconscious barrier from supernatural beings, and put you into a suggestible mindset that will majorly enhance the effects of the triggers and chants. Succubus experiences under these substances are not to be taken lightly, and is not for beginners. In this state, you are completely vulnerable to the Succubi's every wish with no defence. Just one listen under a substance like this can make every future listen so much more powerful, even when completely sober. If that's what you're looking for, and you're experienced with psychedelic substances, then give it a try...... if you dare!!!!! Beware though, the sheer intensity may break you..... but you're here to be broken by pleasure aren't you?
10 - reached! patrons
Mortals, I am on a hunt to reclaim my lost souls! As many of you know, I lost nearly 50 souls during my absence which has weakened me.

My first goal is to claim 10 souls back, This will be a tasty starter.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 36 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 36 exclusive posts

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