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About Cary J Lenehan

Welcome to my fantasy world. I would like to share it with you. I am a person who has held a wide variety of jobs, and trained in too many areas. Over the years I have taught people to use every sort of weapon from short-swords to rocket launchers. Along the way I have learnt a vast range of skills from teaching to blacksmithing to embroidery to heading and gutting fish as a job. Through this I have always had a passion for creating and building worlds of imagination. I have been telling stories since my school days, most recently (well, over the last forty years at least) as a poet and story-teller in a medieval group. I have been reading SF and Fantasy since I was a child and gaming since I was 15 (way back in the Dark Ages before there were home computers).

I hold a degree in Sociology and Mathematics (my thesis is actually well cited). I also have qualifications in Horticulture, Logistics, and Small Business.a

I developed a couple of games in the years before crowd-funding. As a consequence of these, I ended up on a lot of panels at Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions. At one of these Conventions, (at which I was co-chair), in Hobart, I shared a panel on world building with George R. R. Martin. George looked at what I had done in terms of maps and notes for Vhast and said that I had done 20 years of research for a book. I should stop reading and start writing. I took his words to heart and did just that. I discovered, of all the things I have done, this is what I wanted to do most of all.

For a variety of reasons I ended up writing seven books and then went in search of a publisher. I found one of those (see below for a link). The first book “Intimations of Evil” is already out and can be bought through my publisher or through Amazon. One book in this series will come out each year and I have an eighth book to finish writing to end that series (that is nearly done).

I now want to take the time to add a stack of short stories and novellas, as well as more books that are outside the sequence already written and to link all of these to the gaming and cosplay worlds as an integrated whole. I would eventually love to add graphic novels, cook-books and all sorts of things. I need your help to do this.

So far 36 stories ranging from 3,000 to 23,000 words have come out through Patreon, and there are more than that finished and ready to go. I have put out 80 pages of drawings of plants and animals, with descriptions of more. These are presented in a form that is suitable for gamers. In addition detailed maps of settlements come to over 50, (with one more of those coming each month) and the recipe book is over 40 pages.

I hope that you like what you see.

This is my web-page:
Weekly blogs appear here mostly talking about my writing process and how to go about constructing a world either as a writer or a gamer.

My publisher (in other words where you can buy the books if you are not getting them as a part of a reward package - go to current titles) can be found at:

You can now even listen to the first stories set out experimentally on SoundCloud

Copyright is asserted over all items, drawings, maps, pictures and writing that are posted here by Cary J Lenehan.
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With 150 patrons I will most likely be free to become a full-time writer and increase the number of stories and other things coming out (including bringing out a commercial version of a game based on the books).
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 122 exclusive posts

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