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Hello Beautiful World,

My name is Jérôme. I'm from Paris, France.

Notre-Dame, l'Opéra, la tour Eiffel, la Vie en Rose...

I built a series of online Metronomes & Tuners videos for artists around the world. I try to make them Beautiful. I called my Channel Beautiful Metronome.

10k subscribers • more than 7 millions viewers
• but I do not earn money at all
(only 1 euro earn in april 2019, thanks to Zita !) •

Thank you really really really much for your Patreon support !

And feel free tu use it even if you can't support.


1/4 | 30-500 BPM (Beats Per Minute)

2/4 | 30-500 BPM

3/4 | 30-500 BPM

4/4 | 30-500 BPM



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Instrument Tuners

Interactive Instrument Tuners

Orchestral Instrument Tuners


Beautiful sound! Thx! I use your Metronomes daily.
(Armando Cairo)

Thanks, I use these videos to meditate
(I Ko)

Help me plat piano thanks!
(Kallifornia Y.)

Thank you
(Ignacio Gonzalez)

this is my heart rate
(Music Sabotage)

Super useful, thanks!
Short and sweet. :)


thanks. Now I have a better rythmn

(Jairo Tapia)

This has so little comments I am surprised good metronome I like it
(Professor Mister)

The magic of the internet
(Nora Levy)

Thank you!
(Eben Burger)

Just love the tone
(Gary Snowdon)

Thank you! .. Im using one of videos to make music! ;-)
(Gabriel Pereira)

Thanks it help me so much!!
(Dean ow's tv)

I was going to buy a metronome. Thank you.
(Jason Fick)

thank youuu
(Luno Lunero)

Helpful for band practice thanks
(Shaylee Rae)

The only reason I am here is because metronomes help me concentrate! Play 140 BPM with 280 BPM, it sounds AMAZING!!
(Hannah Wayts)

(Luno Lunero)

 APRIL 2019 

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