Living Oneness

is creating A United Humanity Living As One

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Oneness Made Personal

Uniqueness Is Oneness Manifested

This whole campaign is built upon many years of preparation which is all documented on and

All my life I know that I have to do something very big and that I play a role in healing humanity and in uniting humanity into one. I know that sounds a bit crazy and like somebody who has a massive ego. So I had to work through all my darkness to come to this point and it starts today on 02.02.2020 at 2 PM. I recorded 220 people from 22 countries and today we start the official emergence of the one in the many.

Today oneness comes down from concept and realization into the personal. Today I make oneness personal in front of the whole world and I trust that you will feel the truth in this step and realize that even though I am the first one to say it you are the one who is saying it together with me as the next one and so forth. If we do this right we can reach humanity very quickly through the power of duplication and exponential growth.

Please take your time before you jump in because this will be jumping in for good. All levels of giving are understood for life and even though you can, of course, cancel at any time I am asking you to keep it forever. 

All levels start with a purchase from you of a "Breathe for Peace: The Sound of Oneness" music CD for $22 which I will sign for you. If you already have one you will be able to indicate that and the $22 will be waved.

All levels of giving have only the number one and the number Zero in it so it will be $1, $10, $100, $1000 and so forth to state that your giving is toward building the field of oneness wich will help us to process all the resistance and the pain that keeps us all down and locked in a world of separation.

I have 3 domains registered for almost 2 decades now that are not online yet: - this one will be a hub for all processes that help people to understand all about what Living Oneness means, feels like and a place where you will get all your questions answered. - will be a social network for the purpose of sharing with each other how we are living oneness and how we can accelerate the process with each other. - will be the hum for businesses that have dedicated their business model for the purpose of living oneness in the real world and to create a way of sharing our resources that heals our world and reconnects us back to nature and a way of doing things that will add to life and promote cyclical processes that clean up and heal our environment as quickly as possible. 

I have a call for help page setup here: in which you can tell us what you may be willing to contribute other than here on Patreon.

That's it for now.

I love you and all I want for you is that you can live your uniqueness in this world because Uniqueness is Oneness Manifested.

Daniel, 02.02.2020 at 1:21 PM.
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