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Heya! I'm Jon aka GraphicJon and I work in VFX and Animation doing work at such studios as Digital Domain and Rainmaker Entertainment. I got into this industry because ever since I was little I've been an artist trying to draw and make cartoons. That made be a little headstrong, but it all worked out in the end.

I'm based in Vancouver, BC and day in day out I help make animated TV shows as a Layout artist, off work I'm an aging gamer, sci fi and Japanophile. I love podcasts and have even ran one in the past and have worked on Voiceover training with local industry professionals, because, why not? Do what you love! My career is getting me closer to getting work in other additional roles such as animator but at the end of the day I always come back to my sketch book to dream up ideas for comics, animations and more. I've spend a lot of time going in one direction as a digital animator yet I want to also want kept up at becoming the best artist that I can be, but with your help!

Some samples from my past couple years of sketching can be found here:

I'd like to use this Patreon as a base to really motivate me to create artwork, for you! Social media sharing can be a confusing place and I'd like to give anyone willing to support me the inside scoop. I work best knowing there is a paycheck or a fan out there and I really thing that Patreon is the best way for me to grow that audience. This will be a learning process for me and I will be modifying my different goals and tiers to get them just right for what I need to create.

All I can say is thank you for giving me a focus for doing what I love! Peace!
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Hitting this goal will help me focus to getting done clean line work of and illustration each week, something I often neglect to finish. This means 3 cool as ICE drawings per month or so!
I may work from my sketchbook or digitally.
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