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Lesser Succubus
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With this I shall be able to buy more art and make a better game.

You shall receive:

-A special place in my heart;

-Your name in the credits.

Mature Succubus
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I am extremely grateful for your support! With this I shall expand the game and create even more scenes.

You shall receive:

-A FREE copy of the game, that will be constantly updated as I will release by chapters every few months;

-Access to ALL art from the game in the original HIGH RESOLUTION and sketches. 

-All of the above;

-You get to vote on various designs, fetishes, scenes, etc 

-Your vote is multiplied by 1.

Succubus Queen
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The highest a succubus can get! With this the game can be overwhelmingly better. With temptation events and more scenes for every single succubus in game!

You shall receive:

-All of the above;

 -You get to vote on various designs, fetishes, scenes, etc  

-Your vote is MULTIPLIED by 2.




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About Olympus

Hello, friends. I will create adult games for people to enjoy. While the content might vary from game to game, I will not include anything that is outside the law. For example, all girls here are above 18 years.

But I can say one thing about my games, they will be more focused on Succubus and their power of temptation.

I hope we can enjoy our time together. It will be a pleasure to serve you all!
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My dream will come true! I'll be able to hire an voice actress for the hentai scenes!
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