is creating Cosplay Videos and Mods for Dwarf Fortress & Paradox Games
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I'll mention you in the credits for all of my mods.
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I'll put a creature of your design in my Dwarf Fortress mod. Since DF is a crimes-against-nature simulator, there's few things that can't be done there...
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I'll put a character of your choosing somewhere onto the Crusader Kings map (for now, just the Charlemagne start year 769).
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When I get around to the other starting dates, I'll sow your character's descendants across time.




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About Valikdu

Currently, I am supporting a major mod for Dwarf Fortress, which can be seen at Bay 12, in two version: Friendship is Magma is the one populated by My Little Pony-themed creatures, and Desolation is the one with the "normal" (well, except for the mutated ones) humans, dwarves and elves. This mod is updated for any new releases of the base game, and has new features periodically added to it. It now has a small wikia of its own: Desolation Wikia.

I am developing a mod for Crusader Kings II, which is aimed to alter the game considerably. The content is, perhaps, 2/3 done at the time of writing. This mod is to to bring considerable alterations to the base game, with new mechanics (such as the use and acquisition of artifacts), new religions (with special relationships between them, as well as with the existing ones) and a large number of new events.

When the CKII mod reaches a release state, I intend to also start working on one for Europa Universalis IV. I'll make an attempt to have converter compatibility, if possible. If that's achieved, I may also make something for Stellaris.
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