Ruben Byrd

is creating a webcomic about some nerds, and their adventures

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You'll get the satisfaction and shame, of knowing you're personally culpable in the production of this nonsense. And my gratitude that you give a fuck.

"Get up and work, Ruben, people are paying for this shit!" —Ruben's Wife

Patron of the "Arts"

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Because of your largess, I will have the money to buy several small oranges, and thus, will stave off the ravages of scurvy. My connective tissues thank you. 

In addition to keeping me in citrus, you also get access to my Patron Stream. Which will include such amazing things as, early comics, sketches, videos of me inking, audio of various bodily noises, and whatever else I can think to post.

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Oh, shit, I can afford to vaccinate my kid now!

When you support at this level, you get access to all the patron stuff, and in addition to my throbbing gratitude, I'll draw a social media avatar for you. You gotta contact me through Patreon for this, and send a pic and some bio information. 

You may also get some indifferent frottage if you pass close enough to me on the subway.




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About Ruben Byrd

"He's not the webcomic creator the world needs, he's the one it deserves." — Abraham Lincoln
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2 Comics per Week.

If I can get $500 per month, I can find space in my freelance work to spend more time on the comic. Producing this nonsense at nearly twice the normal rate. 
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