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About Fat Viking Studios

"I'm sure you've heard of the multiverse theory at some point and time. Some egghead in every reality always comes up with it sooner or later. Some realities go for it, most just mock it, none of them ever truly understand just how far that particular rabbit hole goes. But you're here so you must have figured some part of it out. Maybe you're reality's game is over already and you're just here to observe this one. What game? The only game that matters, my friends, the contest between the light and the dark. How'd it play out in your reality? On second thought don't tell me. I'll watch that one another time. Back to our little reality here. Imagine an Earth where all those beings you see in fantasy novels like elves, orcs, fae folk, dragons, and even honest politicians.... those are the real myth, am I right? Anyway, imagine all that slammed smack dab into a world that recently suffered a near apocalyptical event, crowded into massive population centers, toss in some cybernetics and high tech zappy, and what's left of civilization being one big corporate rat race and there you have it. Welcome to Another Earth."
- Kantherion Onerious, 'Chronicles of the Ages'

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