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Introductory benefits to have a better idea of what I do before going further

Contains the following benefit:

Access to my Discord server channels where I share updates and work-in-progress
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This Tier is for those that want more involvement with my work!

Includes all benefits in the previous tier as well as:
-Higher quality image downloads
-Custom resolution/export sizes requests (within limits, I will do what I can in regards to that)
- Permissions to engage in discussion in my works-in-progress channels
Includes Discord benefits

Money for thoughts?

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This is for you if you want to help direct what you want to see

All of the benefits from the previous tier(s), plus:
-Custom exports on most pieces (as long as the rendering isn't going to break my computer, or the adjustments won't be too time consuming - eg. animations with tons of effect layers)
- Public commission work (Either low quality export for other Patrons with even lower quality export for public, or working file delivered to commissioner)
- (If I can get this to work -- working file downloads for select pieces)

Access to priority decision polls when I need help choosing

Restrictions on number of people for this Tier is subject to change
Includes Discord benefits




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Greetings, I am an artist who dabbles in various mediums. I looking for some degree of support while I build up a portfolio for digital art, though I may do a little bit of work in other mediums depending on what is needed. Currently, I submit tutorials to Clip Studio Tips for creating art in Clip Studio Paint

So far, I primarily post my works on Deviant Art, and the Discord I've set up for Patreon to post  my work-in-progress. 
My Deviant Art is:
Clip Studio Tips Profile:
Discord Invite Link:

Currently, I am limiting the slots on commissions -- I will add more slots as I become more comfortable with accepting commissions, as I am not quite confident enough about delivery quality as of yet

***Benefits are being reworked/figured out for higher level Tiers -- please have some patience while I sort those out if you are interested in them - Discord and Tier names may change as these are currently place-fillers until I think of something more creative (or get a better idea of what people or myself want)***
$0 of $475 per month
Minimum amount for rent expenses covered. I basically can't focus on making art without making this minimum amount
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