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For $2.00 a month you can be a patron of my work! This tier will unlock early access videos plus sneak peak photos of behind the scenes work. I love to help other crafters! Help me to continue to put out free content on my YouTube channel. For just $2.00 a month you can help support video costs such as supplies, editing and equipment to create the content that you love best! Thanks so much for all your continued support. 

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Purchasing this tier will give you access to exclusive recipes, descriptions and tutorials that will not be published for the general public. Plus all of the benefits of the above tiers. 

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Do you have some burning questions regarding how to make certain things or do you need help getting through a soapy hurdle? We have all reached road blocks or need a little extra support with new things we are trying out! At this level you can ask me questions in writing and I will respond within 24 hours. Plus you will have access to all the tiers at the $10.00 or less mark, which means you will also have access to all the recipes I post here!!




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About Cory O'Briant

Hello and welcome to my Patreon page! I am so glad you are here. My name is Cory and I am the owner and maker of all the products at Sunshine Soap and Candle Company. I started this journey 18 years ago making and selling hand poured candles. Over the years I have poured countless hours into research, development and practice, practice, practice! I have become an expert in the field of candle making and cold process soap making. I also make some cosmetics! I have been running a small business selling the items I make for 18 years. 

Three years ago, I started a YouTube channel to share my process with you all and have more recently started adding free recipes and free tips advice on my videos. You will always be able to view my YouTube videos for free! Becoming one of my patrons will help me to continue to put out free content! Lots of my time, resources and money goes into making awesome, free content for you every month. Becoming a patron is an excellent way to help me continue to keep doing what I do best! Your money will help support video costs. These things include editing, supplies for videos and time spent on making content that you want to see. 

Everyday, I get loads of questions to me personally on all my social media platforms including my website email. I love to help everyone as much as I can! My hope is to help more people with my patreon page. I will use this platform to share recipes and tutorials. Check out the tiers section so you can see exactly what you will get for your money. In the near future I hope to add some consultations for those who may need some one on one help.

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My goal is to research and develop recipes for shampoo and conditioner bars and buy the equipment and supplies necessary for this. Your pledges will help me with this!!
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