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About TheGaroStudios


'Hello Friend' 
 My name is David, I'm from the little country called Georgia. I live in the flat with my family and I'm just an average person. It's not important, where I live, how I'm doing or how many siblings I have. Important is What I do? What makes me sound important.
I'm self taught Video Editor and I have YouTube channel, which is my main working area. It's my hobby frankly, doing these kinds of videos, but that's how I got here. I put a lot of time and effort in it and I think it's worth it.
 The thing is that I have to be able to do many things simultaneously: I have to study, I have to work and I have to edit videos, but I'm proud of myself, because I can keep it all under control and manage time properly.
 YouTube channel requires a lot of effort, time and work. I'm just one man managing everything. For these kinds of videos I also have to get footage and music to work on. I email the studios to allow me to use their published songs, I also have to get rights to use footage and it's labour-consuming. But as I've said it's worth it!
 My works have been shared nearly everywhere:
  •  Yahoo! - John Snow supercut, which has been included everywhere.
  •  Nerdist - Tribute about the show Doctor Who, which is my favourite show.
  •  Inverse - Again Doctor Who, it's an emotional journey.
  • - Daenerys Targaryen supercut.
  •  9Gag - The Kingslayer supercut.
  • Radio Times - Yes, I've been there few times.
With You - I'll be able to produce more videos.
With Your Pledges - I'll be able to develop and become better at Video Editing. (Take courses, buy softwares, equipment e.t.c.)
Together - We'll enjoy this journey.
52% complete
When I hit this amount of money, this will have a huge effect on my life, I'll be able to devote much more time to my work:
  • Buying key equipment
  • Simultaneous projects at a time
  • Open a Website
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