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Hi, Friends!

Thanks so much for visiting Cat Chat on Patreon. I'm Cat, a mom to the awesome Noah, who over the past seven years, has made it my mission to create community in one of LA's social wastelands. Why? Because in a time when loneliness and division threatens to overwhelm our lives, we are choosing to be present in our three feet of influence to bring people together. Because our relationships are the #1 predictor of our well-being. And FRIENDSHIP is the foundation of every form of relationship we have:)

We are coming together across every age, wage, and life stage, across the cultural, religious, and political spectrums. We are helping resettle homeless friends, bringing together fruitful creative partnerships, creating venues for sharing local expertise, supporting local women in leadership, helping newcomers to the community find their place, and, according to the testimonies below, helping people find hope, happiness, and a sense of belonging.

Community-making takes time, work, and a lot of heart. It also takes a sustainable amount of funding so that no one burns out. We're looking for an initial 35 tribe members to help that happen on a monthly patron or a one-time donor basis through Paypal. We'd love to have you join in!


Here are some of the collaborative experiments in the Arts, Leadership, and Education made possible by YOUR SUPPORT:

the Arts:

  • Writers Salons - a collaborative community of creatives across genres that provides an alternative to the cut-throat grind of "the industry"
  • Petit Montmartre - a Neighborhood Arts & Education Market that supports local artists and creates space for neighbors to meet

Relationship-Centric Leadership:

  • The Mother Clucker Collaborative - a Female Leadership cohort that supports each other's relationship-centric initiatives

  • Curious Conversations - a neighborhood-based Co-learning Salon that fosters dialog around big, interesting questions.

"If everyone were like this, there would be no war." - Music Supervisor 

"What Cat is doing here can serve as the basis for renewed democracy." - Dean of Religious Life

"Cat has the antidote to loneliness, and it starts by caring." -- Art Teacher

"It's because of this community that I feel OK to be in my own skin and called up to be the best version of myself." -- Author & Teacher

"My life has changed in just a few months. Even my employees are noticing that I've become more patient because of this community."
-- Entrepreneur

"It's because of Cat and this community that I'm starting to hug people." -- Screenwriter

"You are desperately needed now more than ever, Cat. No one is doing anything half so hard--phenomenal!" -- Social Historian

"I didn't have any friends when I moved to LA and I was quite sad at the time. It's helped me know people and gave me the confidence to pursue fiction, which is the greatest gift I could have ever asked for. The thing Cat's doing is just so tremendously valuable, and I didn't realize before I met her how important community is, and it's really changed my life and other peoples' lives." -- Journalist 

"It's an excellent thing to have in your neighborhood. I had just moved to the neighborhood and met Cat just in a cafe. I've since moved and wish there was one there!" -- Musician

"Most people in the group are writers, and they've been extremely welcoming to me as a different kind of artist. I find the support to be instrumental to my success and confidence. Not all of us have parents who are supportive or come from communities where arts are valued or supported. It's nice when things are tough to have that--I feel like there's a refuge there. I feel so happy and privileged to be part of this group." -- Actress

"I love to know there are great people in a great environment to be supportive. I've met friends and collaborators, and I like the informality of this. A lot of writers would be less insane if they had a group like this. I think it's a very powerful tool for community and writing."
-- Screenwriter

"Community. Writing is a very lonely, isolating thing... There's something lovely about seeing people once a week and feeling like a human instead of an isolated pawn. It's a very important thing for this community to exist, that there's a place for people to find family among friends. Hopefully donors can come and join and see the importance of this." -- Playwright

"I come because of the people. I've lived in LA for 16 years, and this is the first time that I found a place where I feel like I belong and I feel like people are like me." -- Substitute Teacher

"Just having moved here recently, it's been invaluable. It can be isolating living the life of an artist, especially in Los Angles. Having this community has been really meaningful. It's like a lighthouse that helps you know where the shore is and knowing that people are there in the difficult times. Cat's built a really wonderful thing, and I hope she is able to spread this to other groups. Everyone, no matter what their profession, should be able to have this sense of community."
-- Publishing Executive

"You guys welcome me, I get friendship, love, and I just want to say I am so blessed to be part of this."  -- CPA

"It's the greatest thing that's ever happened--it's given me a sense of community out here that I've never had. I feel more at home writing with this group of people than any show I've ever written on because there's no competition, we're all to support each other and talk or not. It's a place you know you can go and be rooted on! I hope other communities start similar meetings because it really is a special thing!"
-- TV Writer

"I've gotten so much out of this--sense of community and support. It's hard to find that in LA. I really hope Cat inspires other people to do this in other places." -- Entrepreneur

"I've gotten a houseful of guests out of this and made a lot of friends and helps me to know there are others out there for companionship because writing can be so isolating. Thank you to Cat!" -- Musician
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Create a Tribe of creative, committed locals that can incubate, hatch, and launch inclusive, vibrant community in social wastelands!
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