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About EnTruce

Hello everyone, Entruce here. If you have arrived on this page using my website, thank you, and if you have arrived unknowingly, welcome.
We, as a currently fan-translation group, translates Japanese Light Novels into English for people to enjoy, and indirectly advertise the series'.

This being a nearly full-time job, we've opened up a Patreon and ask for the generous readers to support my work, and help us turn this into a completely full-time, professional translation group.

We'd like to thank everyone who has supported us, and would support us from the bottom of our hearts, and in return would give several perks to our supporters. Please refer to the sidebar on the right.

Series' in Translation Works:

  • Demon Fist Daydreamer
    Currently Translating Volume 2.
    Volume 3 - June
  • The World-Shattering Bravery -Alexis Kingdom Chronicles-
    Translated Volume 1. Chapters are being released weekly on Patreon.
    Volume 2 - TBD
  • I Shaved My Beard and Picked Up A High School Girl
    Volume 1 - Scheduled for Patreon Release in July.

  • Campiones of the Sanctuary
    Volume 1 - Scheduled for Patreon Release in June.
    Volume 2 - TBD.
0% complete
When I complete this Goal, I'll release 1 podcast every month interviewing Japanese Light Novel Authors,
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