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        Back in the day, you'd sit in a college course, Business 101, maybe, or, Resume Writing to Impress. And they'd tell you, "Sell Yourself! Sell the idea of who you are!"
        With the advent of social media, nothing has changed. Now we have to sell ourselves constantly, spanning across multiple platforms, so the world can find the little haven we've carved out somewhere.
        I never went to college and learned how to sell myself. I rarely use social media, so still, the concept eludes me. With that said, he's an attempt.
        My name is Nathaniel. I'm a writer. I write short stories, novellas, and novels. Most of what I write is, in some way, magical realism. It's also geared for New Adults and long-time Adults. I'm an editor, proofreader, and beta reader on Fiverr and Upwork, and although I enjoy helping other people with their stories, I'd rather do it for free than money.
        Currently, I am traveling with my wife. I also write a lot about traveling. Mostly tips and information. I even wrote a book filled with things like that! I've been told a hundred times that I should write about this place or that place. Instead, I prefer writing about how to travel and not where. The where is up to you.
        If you'd like to follow me and become a patron, I'd be eternally grateful. 
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