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per month many of us have them? Have we ever been friends? How about frens? Can I call you for a ride to the airport? No? Ok, wow. But you can support your friend in LA, right? OK, cool!

Aunties and Uncles
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Have you ever called me to make sure I was drinking enough water? Did you come over and make me dinner that time I couldn't leave the house because of the sads. Are you actually my Auntie? Cool cool cool. Have I got a tier for you!

My Inner Circle Urkels
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Did you talk me out of cashing in my 401K to go to Fyre Festival? Have you watched Pom Poko with me? Have you cussed me out before and then came over for dinner? Have I got a tier for you!




Sup! Thank you for choosing to support Jordan Guerra-Kauwling. You've made the right decision, to be honest...I mean... come on. Jordan is a writer, stand-up comic and podcast host/production fellow. She is currently living in Los Angeles. She has written for Very Smart Brothas, Ozy, CinéSPEAK and The Philadelphia Citizen. Your support allows Jordan to continue pursuing their passions and allows them to create content across platforms that elevate the voices of the marginalized. Jordan is passionate about comedy, film, Baby Sinclair gifs and the last sip of kombucha. Welcome to her tribe! 'Round here, we ALL belong!
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