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Thank you so much! As a reward, you might get occasional sneak peeks at things... perhaps a few photos before anyone else gets to see or a secret game demo?




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About Jennifer Raye

Hey nerds, Jennifer Raye here!

I'm a cool artist game dev girl making weird art games about feelings! Anything from FMV Claymation adventures, low-poly open worlds, that one game where a sinister eye stares at you for 20 minutes, or a shmup that goes into past life mistakes... I do what my heart tells me to do!

I'm also generally just an insufferable nerd. Like, I did a talk about Touhou Project once in front an audience of 200+ people. That was fun. Or that one time I did a livestream of Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 multiplayer with Viccy. That was pretty cool too. I also talk about maid outfits and Sailor Moon on Twitter a fair amount.

If you think this is the kind of person deserving of your hard-earned money, please consider becoming a patron! There's fancy rewards for you if you do :O

Thank you very much :>

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This would totally help with my sometimes-rocky financial situation. I would be incredibly grateful for this!
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