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About Bill Still

I fill – I guess – a unique spot in this world.

I think that nothing good can come out of the national debt – governments borrowing money. 

As long as our governments borrow – primarily from big banks and other related financial institutions – we will never regain a state money system. Why? When banks create and control the QUANTITY of money, they can literally buy whatever votes in Congress they need to protect and even expand their racket. We’ll be stuck forevermore with this bank money system, instead of the national-debt-free state money system that the founders used during the Revolution.

What’s the difference? Actually, most people think we have a state money system. You hear it all the time: “Congress is printing too much money.” But they don’t! In fact, the only money legislatures create are the coins in your pocket – typically less than 3% of the national money supply.

In fact, it’s really, really hard to convince people that we have a bank money system – that is, that banks create the vast majority of the money – out of thin air – and they get to pocket the profit therefrom before they make the first loan. The profit from money creation is called "seignourage". State money is one of the most important powers of government - it's guaranteed in Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution - but we’ve had it stolen away by banks.

No nation has fought this bank money system as fervently over the course of its history as the U.S. 

I’ve been preaching this since my first book came out in 1991. It was called “On the Horns of the Beast”. In 1996, I put out my best-known work, a 3 hour 22 minute documentary called, “The MoneyMasters.”

Since then, I’ve kept pushing with articles, and YouTube videos – actually nearly 1500 videos total as of this morning.

The problem has always been funding. Just last week I got into an argument with a guy who loves consuming my content, but doesn’t even want to pay a dollar a month to support it.

“This is too important a subject to charge for it. It should be free!”

I’m serious. I get that all the time. Well it’s nice to be loved, but if I fall off the financial cliff, who’s going to keep this work up. There are a million false side roads that monetary reform could take unless someone with experience is around to explain why that’s not the best way to do it – or at least put my 2 cents in.

I’ve never been able to even break even doing this. No one with money wants to upset this system. Those with money are growing fewer and fewer as the debt money system consumes all but the very wealthiest as it chugs inexorably along destroying all in its path.

Over the past year, at least a half dozen of you suggested that I move to Patreon. It’s set up for recurring revenue. It has a great reputation, it was founded in 2013, so it’s no longer a newbie, and it does all the work that my wife has been doing by hand and now can no longer effectively administer. 

Importantly, we get a larger percentage of your donations.

Please don’t drop your current support. That would be a disaster. Look Patreon over. Then, if you want to move your support to the Paetron platform, that will be great. If not, then please leave your existing support right where it is. 

We're existing now, but I know how to do even better reporting - go out and interview sources directly. Become a primary source of the news, instead of a secondary commentator. That's the goal. But that takes a little better setup than I have now.

Bill Still
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Really, the biggest thing we need now is your continued, steady support. We seem to be right on the edge of breaking into a new level.
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