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Practical Media Inc. is a womxn's media company focused on weddings and relationships... and most of all feminist womxn in community. It was founded 12 years ago by Meg Keene, and under the auspices of Practical Media, she has run many womxn focused projects. First among them is A Practical Wedding, which has been a leading feminist resource for womxn planning their weddings and exploring their relationships for the last 12 years. APW also talks a lot about exactly the kind of weddings we;re all about to be having more of (through no choice of your own): simple, small, and yes, practical.

But that's not all Practical Media Inc. has done. Over the years we've hosted a feminist summer camp (The Compact), run our small business incubator (TLC), written two books, and Meg has done reams of personal writing community building, and Jewish womxn's activism on her personal Instagram account.

During the past 12 years we've been entirely self funded, starting a business with zero capital, and making money as we grew. But suddenly in March of 2020, with the rising spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, it's become clear that everything we've build over 12 years is in jeopardy. Like almost every small business in this country, we've faced a near total freeze on cash (and small businesses depend on cash flow) as the wedding industry has all but ground to a halt. In short, after years of community building, it's our turn to ask for your help. We're working to keep our staff members with as many hours as they can (most of them support their families) and keep providing much needed health care. Any little bit you can kick in will help us get through this crisis, and keep building communities for womxn (and helping future by-necessity-practical weddings.)

But beyond that, we've learned that we need to gather in community together in times of social distancing. Joining us on the APW Patreon will not only let you support us (and our eternal gratitude), on some levels we'll be setting up zoom calls, coaching calls, and of course, voting on content!

Any support you can offer will be a huge help as we do all we can to keep our team and staff intact and surviving through this time. It's our goal to still be here, creating incredible content, for years to come. Help us survive this season, and we'll help you with connection, coaching, and a lifetime of thanks.

We love you. For real.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts

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