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Beginnings… My name is Tomer (Tom) Avraham. I was born and raised in a rural area of northern Israel. The first of three siblings, both parents software engineers and an awesome childhood.
I was drafted and served in the Israeli Defense Forces as an infantry soldier in Golani infantry brigade (just like my father before me…), an outstanding experience which crafted much of my views on discipline and leadership till this day.
I have graduated my MSc studies at TAU, specifically targeting the field of fluid dynamics and CFD, focusing my thesis on a specific mode of transition I found fascinating.
It was actually my second year of mechanical engineering undergraduate studies of which I fell deeply in love with the science of turbulence and computational fluid dynamics, and decided that no matter what, I’m going to be a CFD specialist. Been doing CFD ever since…
I’m absolutely passionate about physics, especially fluid dynamics and CFD which for me is a hobby, a passion and a pursue as it occupies me even on times it’s not directly practiced.
Meanwhile I got to partner in life with an adorable wife (my best friend and confidant), got blessed with two amazing children and an outstanding (yet somewhat always hungry) dog.

I wake up at 4AM, meditate for two hours, do a short physical workout, some household regular maintenance (very skilled at folding laundry out of the drier and getting creative in preparing the kids lunchbox…) and off to work.
I do that every day, as in “every day is Monday”, and find it to be awesome! I’m getting things done for me, before most of the world around me has awaken. This is what freedom out of discipline is all about…
I had my phase of working at TENZOR, which were at the time the local ANSYS CP as head of simulation and engineering and serve as visiting lecturer at SCE college of engineering (CFD course) . Both occupations allowed me not only to interact with CFD on a regular basis, but also to teach and lead. Part of my job at both (besides simulating cutting-edge CFD applications… 🙂 ) was projecting knowledge and confidence on less experienced engineers in the team with the full objective of them also becoming leaders, and especially try and lead everybody in my vicinity to a mutual understanding that there is always a broader strategic perspective. Keeping within that perspective is one of the most important tasks in it of itself.
Now I chose a route of independence, forming TAZ Engineering together with an old colleague and friend, wishing to be able to focus only at what I like doing best. Doing physics… ✨✨✨
Besides my immediate career prospects, I tend to find my self engrossed either by learning or correspondence (as much as my intellect and time allows) in diverse fields of my scientific interest (classical and modern physics, mathematics, life sciences and even psychology and the social sciences), keeping curiosity and the love learning as the shining beacon.
Saying all that, I aim for the blog to share my CFD and fluid mechanics thoughts over quite a broad spectrum of related topics. I guess the idea behind the decision to blog besides my tendency to share knowledge and an ever growing hunger for new insights is the opportunity to be able to do so without having to think whether it’s appropriate or not… it’s mine 😉
No post will by no means be all encompassing nor highly accurate (you can get that from very in-depth academic resources…).
I therefore have no thought that this blog might be a benefit to all others, I wrote it only to sustain my understanding.
I hope for the essence to be captured, and even more so communicated…✨✨✨


Tomer Avraham ☇
For company CFD and Thermal Analysis dedicated lecturing contact:
Email: [email protected] (no charge for e-mail/call consulting)
mobile: 054-3551807

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