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A link to your Fimfiction page under the Patreons section of my profile. Also gain access to all my patreon updates, which contain unpublished fiction that has yet to make it to Fimfiction.

You're just here to help. A dollar a month might not seem like much, but across even a small percentage of my readers, it could be enough to keep me going on its own.

Cool Pone

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Want to give a bit more, this is how! The above, plus access to patron polls that decide what I'll write next! Also includes a place in the exclusive channel on my discord server I use to evaluate and plan new stories. 
Includes Discord benefits

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Hey, it's kinda like you just bought my lunch! A well-fed writer is a productive writer, so they say.

All the above rewards, plus access upon request to the vast google docs library of my chapters before they're even edited, sometimes several months in advance. I don't actually suggest you read unedited chapters (unless you want to learn how lousy my spelling really is), but you can if you want! Also includes goodies that never got published, if you're into digging around in old treasure. 
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About Starscribe

Welcome to the official Patreon page of Starscribe!

All those who wish to show their support for my writing can make a small monthly contribution to keep me going. If you've enjoyed something I wrote, and you want me to make more, this is how you can give. I'm sincerely thankful to everyone who decides to help me, since it helps make this possible as what I do full time.

Thanks to your support, I'm able to publish about 50,000 words of fiction every month, sometimes much more. That's a NANOWRIMO's worth of pony words, and a new chapter to read almost every day.

I post my writing free for everyone on, so don't feel obliged to donate to me to read eventually. I do offer some incentives for those who decide to contribute, if you're interested.

Anyone who contributes even a small amount has full access to all the unfinished stories I post here, before they transition to public on fimfiction.

Those who sponsor at higher tiers have more creative control, suggesting story ideas or sponsoring things I wouldn't otherwise be able to write. Over the years I've written just over forty novels that way. You guys get to read, I get to eat, and everyone has fun!

Sadly, my time is limited, so my top slots are often full. But if there's a story you must see done, I do offer commissions as my schedule allows for prices a little higher than the ones you see here, but without the waiting on a monthly delay.

Even if you're not here to join in, you're more than welcome in the Starpub community Discord, which frequently discusses the stories and other creative content. Stop in anytime! 

$803.04 of $1,000 per month
This pie is thoroughly in the sky. Should I ever trod upon these lofty heights, the patreon poll story will become weekly, or possibly even bi-weekly. 
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