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Hi there!
Welcome to my Patreon page! 

My name is Versoul, and I am an Independent Alternative Hip-Hop MC, Producer and Sound Engineer born in San Francisco and raised throughout the Bay Area. I am a proudly mixed Japanese, Hawaiian, Filipino, Italian and Salvadorian-American. My passion for music began when I was a young girl, singing along to Toni Braxton's "Unbreak My Heart". Listening to music was one of the things that always helped me cope with childhood traumas and where I felt safe. Through music, I recognized my own strength and resilience even during the darkest times of life, and I learned how to self-love. That is why I make music today, to transform my pain into power and light and to inspire others the same way.

Growing up, my main happiness came from my imagination, movies, and music. I've been inspired by artists, Eminem, Alicia Keys, Sade, Tupac, Fugees, Nas, and Bone Thugs N Harmony, to name a few. The ability to be free through creativity and to connect with someone else, while expressing oneself and telling their story through music is what I love the most. There is always a story, a message behind and a good feeling to be felt. To this day, I work hard at creating music because it is the one thing that helps give me hope, brings me happiness and helps me to recognize my worth and value all in one. I want that for everyone, and since the day I started to see how positively my music affects people, it only makes me want to multiply that infinitely.

My ultimate goal is to make a positive impact on lives around the world with my music and to continue to sustain my career and life financially with digital streaming sales, merchandise sales, collaborations, features, performances and music service needs like production, engineering and mastering, and to help others along the way who have the same dream, to do the same. My message is learning to self-love, learning to self-accept, staying true to yourself and looking at life through multi-perspectives, and turning pain into power, struggle to strength and trauma to triumph. My mission is to make a positive and lasting impact on each person who listens to my music, and to inspire them to pursue their dreams, and achieve their goals by always believing in themselves no matter how hard life gets for them.

I am asking for continued financial support in order to continue to independently achieve my goals in my music career and to fulfill my mission to help heal and provide hope and inspiration to everyone around the world by creating music and sharing my story. There are a few different ways you can give where you will also receive special perks in return.

Any contribution would be truly appreciated. Every cent that you donate will be saved and used towards music production (recording, mixing and mastering), visuals (music videos, interviews), collaborations (with other artists and musicians), publishing (physical and digital distribution),  promotion, touring and performance production costs. With your help and support, I can turn my goals into milestones and dreams into reality, we can uplift the world together one song at a time.

Thank you so much again for your support. Keep rising!

Please follow me on social media and subscribe to my Youtube channels to stay up to date with new music and performances.
Spotify: https://open.spotify.<wbr>com/artist/6eeYANhPzEJf0Onqjq.<wbr>..

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