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Welcome to our world! In this tier you'll get a weekly or biweekly video update with commentary about what is going on here at the farm and how we're coping with the issues brought by the coronavirus lockdown.
You'll find out the insides of running a horse business, of living in India and a chance to get to know us better. We'll provide more commentary about the current situation, as well as our plans going forward.
Sponsor a dog
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So, we have 8 (!) dogs. All of them except for one came from the local shelter or were strays on the street. They're an integral part of our farm and we just wouldn't be who we are without them.

That's a lot of dogs to feed though, and plenty of vet trips since they're forever hurting themselves! This tier will cover the monthly cost of feeding one dog. We will be updating you with dog specific videos, including how we manage them, how they manage the heat, what they destroy on the farm and how crazy we look when we bring 5 dogs to the vet in one go. High entertainment value!

Please let us know which dog you'd like to sponsor (we'll present all of them soon!) if you have a preference. We'll make sure you get extra updates on that particular dog :)
Sponsor a horse
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USD 150 is just about what it cost us to take care of each horse every month. Most of our 9 horses were rescued / adopted / given to us over the last year. 

In this tier we'll give you more insights into the personality of every horse, and how they get along with the others. You'll get to know what it takes to take care of a horse, such as taking care of the feet with the farrier or vet visits. 

If you're curious about horse management, or just generally about life with horses, this is the tier for you. 

We're also happy to answer any questions you may have about horses, horse management, horse businesses and horse training!

Please let us know which horse you'd like to sponsor if you have a preference :) We'll make sure to give you special updates on that specific horse!




A little over three years ago we moved back to India with a dream: to open a natural horsemanship centre. We had a fair bit of knowledge about natural horsemanship, having been lucky to train with a famous 'horse whisperer' in the US and done multiple work experiences in some extraordinary places around the world. 

Today, we have a little ranch near the capital, in a place called Gurugram. We have 21 (!!) animals, including 9 horses, 8 dogs and 4 cats, most of which were rescued / adopted / given to us along the way. 

Like many other horse businesses we've been badly hit by the coronavirus lockdown. It is very complicated to bring a horse business online!

The aim of this page is to keep you updated with everything going on (and not going on) at the farm with a weekly video edit and more. We hope this will give you a good insight into our lives, bring you with us on our journey and make you feel like you're with us. It can also be a little escape from your confinement, wherever you may be!

All the funds/subscriptions will go towards meeting the costs of running the farm, which mainly means feeding all the animals!

For those of you we don't personally know, welcome to our life and we hope you'll find it interesting and entertaining!

Patreon is about building community with monthly memberships. But if you'd like to make a one time donation to help animals we would highly recommend FRIENDICOES SECA. Most of our dogs comes from there and we have been working for years with them closely. You can make the donation here:
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 14 exclusive posts

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