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My Name is Ryland, 
I am 19, 
I have being reading since I was a young child. I don't remember the exact book but I do remember I was reading it to my cousin. The moment I started reading was the moment I became free and found somewhere I read belonged which was in books. Ever since I was a young child, I had a passion for reading. I read nearly anything that I could find. I always had my nose in a book and sometimes it did get me into trouble but books were my home when things were tough and books are still my home. One day I hope to have my very own library because I just really love books. 

This Project that I am working on is to spread the love I have for books but also show you my own creative Imagination in my Poetry. 

What is Patreon?
Patreon is a platform where people like me can create anything for our fans which are you guys reading this. 

What can you do on Patreon? 
You can either be a creator like myself or a Patron who pledges to the creator. 

Why I use Patreon?
I use Patreon to Review books of any kind that I have read of that has being suggested to me, I also will be talking about books of any kind, I will talk about my favorite Authors, Talk about all the crazy fandoms I am in and Write Poetry. I use this platform to be a voice but also do what I love doing and that is anything to do with books and Poetry. 

What can you do to help?
You can help by signing up to pledge to my page or you can spread the word around about my account. 

I will be uploading Book Reviews either through Podcasting or Written every Thursday and Friday. I will be also uploading my Poems every few days. 

~The King of Books~  
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The Amount here seems alot but it is for to find someone to publish Darkness within which is a Book full of Poems. It would mean so much to me to actually achieve this goal. Once I do, I will send out 50 copies to 50 lucky people. 
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