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I come from a farming background, and have always been amazed at the fact that farmers receive so little money for the wool produced by their sheep - sometimes so little that it doesn't even cover the cost of shearing!

Wool used to be one of the UK's main exports, so seeing this 100% natural, environmentally friendly product go to waste in an age where consumerism, plastic packaging and throw-away clothing is rife made me think about what I could do to change that.

Many years ago my Mum had the fleece from our sheep (at the time mainly Cheviots and Black Welsh Mountain) spun up into 4-ply wool, which she used to knot beautiful rugs. I want to go one step further and have our own and other local fleece spun up into finer yarn to use for weaving.

I already hand spin some of our own wool, and am currently studying weaving at Bradford College, where I am taking an HNC in Contemporary Constructed Textiles. When I complete the course, in Summer 2020, I hope to set up as an independent spinner and weaver, using locally sourced wool.

Anybody who wishes to follow me in this journey will be most welcome, and will have free access to the "fruits" of my labours!

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