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Alexandra August and Johnny Kolasinski had been friends for over 20 years when she Facebooked him last year to see if he wanted to start a "Game of Thrones" podcast. Without hesitation, he typed, "Yup," and a legendary DIY radio show was born. With a unique comedic and iconoclastic flair, these two "morons"(-Facebook) offer trenchant and insightful analysis of HBO's "Game of Thrones," without taking anything too seriously. We love the show, but we REALLY love making fun of it. 

After a year of fighting for an audience already inundated with supplementary Thrones content (everyone has a YouTube channel and everyone has better graphics), GoT Thrones? has carved out a large core audience and is looking to expand. That's where you come in! We can only do so much with Facebook ads and... Facebook ads. With a little support from our listeners, we can buy cool new stuff like more website hosting and... Facebook ads! Not to mention an actual SEO consultation to drive traffic to our website so new listeners can have easy access to our entire back catalogue! Or some non-DIY Photoshopping of our LOGO!!!! Or even just some extra time to produce more content for you. The possibilities are endless, but the bottom line is, in order for us to continue to grow this endeavor, we need some support. Hey, we're not the Mara sisters. We're just two kids from Toledo Ohio who dropped out of touch for about 10 years only to reconnect electronically to fan out over made-up people. #Believeinthebeautyofyourdreams
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We'll write some alt-character bios! In the course of their discussions, Johnny and Alex have created some additional characters they think would only add to the current landscape. They include, but are not limited to, Falcon of the Vale, Steve Baratheon and Tywin Lannister's Horse. When we reach this goal, we'll create actual backstories for these characters so you can get better acquainted with them and post them on
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