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Hello folks!
My name is Kirill Klevanski. I was born in Russia, in St. Petersburg, and English isn’t my native language.
I have always been fond of fantasy worlds and magic creatures, and so I found myself writing a fantasy novel one day.
My career as an author began when I was eighteen. I got my first contract with a publishing agency easily. I wrote 4 books for that series and then I got bored. The publisher didn’t like that.
At the age of twenty, I suddenly found myself among the most popular Russian fanfic authors. My fanfic of ‘Harry Potter’ got over 1.000.000 reads in under seven months.
At the age of 22 I was a “real author” with my own printed book series. Blah, blah, blah…
Had I achieved any real success?
Come on now! It would’ve been just one more boring and hardly believable story if I’d had!
All the top publishing houses in Russia had banned me from literary events and wouldn’t work with me.
...I was only twenty-three, however, my literary career had collapsed and been buried...
“Ha-ha! Go cry to your mommy”, someone said.
No, thanks. His Mom was my #1 fan.
The internet has given us freedom. And so, thanks to the internet, I continued writing and self-published my works on many book sites.
More and more, book by book, I used each free minute I had to create new fantasy worlds. Some of my books became rather popular, while others were… just a tad awful.
At one time, I stopped writing.
I wasn’t having as much success as I’d dreamed about. Instead, I got my diploma and went on to work as a History teacher.
“Ha-ha again! An even better ending for the story of such a cocky man!”
Yeah… I stopped writing, but I never stopped reading. One day, I came across two genres—LitRPG and Wuxia. The idea for an epic saga came to my mind in an instant!
The "Dragon Heart” saga has become one of the most read fantasy series in Russia. Over 10,000,000 reads in just one and a half years.
The series “Dragon Heart” has 16 books and over 1400 chapters out already, as well as its own fan club. The whole story is planned out (I won’t get bored of this one, promise) and will have over 2000 chapters and 20 books.
Nowadays, this story is popular all over the world.
That’s why I came here to tell you my story.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts

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