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A personal shoutout on stream during our Proxy Tempest Open!
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Who We Are

Proxy Tempest is a collaboration of many, many Starcraft 2 enthusiasts who dedicate their time and energy to provide the Starcraft 2 community with quality content including interviews, articles, tournaments, tutorial videos, and more. We have a passion for Starcraft 2, and this passion is what drives us to deliver our content. Most notably, we host weekly tournaments that offer some great prizes to new players, amateurs, and pros alike.

When it comes to pro players, the community has alot that it can offer in the way of monetary support. Right now, Proxy Tempest's pro level tournaments are 100% funded by its staff and therefore has a limited prize pool it can offer. By becoming a Patreon, we can further invest in the Starcraft 2 eSports scene by offering a larger prize pool per tournament. This enlarged prize pool will in turn help us attract the attention of potential sponsors, and that in turn will help us increase our overall tournament and stream quality.

If you have the means and motivation, we would greatly appreciate you becoming a Patreon. We intend to be 100% transparent with all funding and should you wish to discuss helping us fund our tournaments, you can reach our staff at (254) 449-9353. We will soon be uploading a video showcasing our tournaments, interviews, and upcoming features.
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We will publish a weekly podcast for you to enjoy! The podcast will feature special guests and cover topics including past tournament results, future SC2 events, current Team Liquid and Reddit chatter, and upcoming tournaments and features from Proxy Tempest.
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