Chris DiRusso

is creating Thrillers: speculative, blended, crime, fantasy, and the like.




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About Chris DiRusso

I would like to make some of my stories accessible to a wider audience. In order to do this, I need the help of constant readers to allow me to become a full-time writer. I will make original short and long stories free to the public. I will also post a synopsis of a new novel and allow readers to help define how its plot is laid out. I love to write and it is the one thing that I can do all day without ever tiring.  Unfortunately, thinks like a roof, food, computer programs I use cost money. I would like to write fulltime without having to stop to do other things to have an income so I can produce my work.

I write thrillers. Many are crime based, but I often blend in speculative elements, It is quite possible for one of my stories to be an Urban Speculative Crime Thriller, while another is just a straight crime, SF, or fantasy work. I have a gritty voice that is enhanced through the use of dialogue as character development. 

The support from your generosity will primarily go to editing, proofreading, and helping to provide a roof over my character's heads. It is a vicious cycle where one needs to work to earn money but then has zero time to write, I need your help to allow me to release the stories that you would like to keep reading.

Thank you for taking the time checking out my page.

Chris D.