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Stop feeling guilty about your adblocker and my eternal gratitude
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The awesome SFGAYA (this is a thing now) pack plus feeling superior over the 1$ guys
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SFGAYA (We'll shorten than to GAYA I guess). You are making an effort, 5 bucks are about a pack of cigarettes. Wow




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About Commandelicious

Let's get some facts straight.
  1. Most people are using an adblocker on youtube.
  2. The CPM on youtube is constantly going down.
  3. My channel is not the biggest.
I am putting out a lot of videos and I really enjoy doing so. It's absolutely OK to use an adblocker on Youtube. I myself do so as well. I may be a bad person and sometimes I even feel guilty doing so, especially after watching twenty or so videos in a playlist. Patreon is a great way to a) get rid of that guilt and b) for the creators, like myself, to make a few bucks extra to deliver more content.

I know very well that my content doesn't fit everyone. I don't play scary games and rarely action oriented ones. People told me that I have a nice voice though, so I am hopeful.

So if you can afford supporting me, I'd be very happy.
$0.63 of $1,500 per month
This amount of money would allow me to make a living without any other work. So all the videos all the day.
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