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Welcome on my patreon.
For make it simple and understand a couple of things about this patreon I'll use the classic Q & A format.

Who are you?
I'm an italian junior game designer that went to an official school and after out was unable to found a job because not talented into programming, thing that is important in this field but despite this I study programming on my own hoping to be better in it.

Why should I pledge?
All my materials are free for anyone that want to download them... if you pay attention you'll be notice that the only pledge that is present is of 1$ and the reason is very simple... I'm fully aware that I'll never be able to earn enough for live with patreon so I let anyone that want to support me the freedom of pledge how much one want with the minimun of 1$

Are you regular in your releases?
Okay... this as question sound very bad but if I stay in contest than in theory I'd like to have regular releases but since I work alone, my programming studies, the fact that I have a distorted time perception, I can't say that I'll be able to do that but I'll try... it's even for this reason that I left the possibility of pledge how much one want. 

What you make?
I'm working on 3 different project:
As the name imply this is a guide made by me and where I use my knowledge about games, mangas and novels.
THIS WORK HAVE AN INTRO AND A WARNING, BEFORE READ THE GUIDE READ THEM... after that there is an index and the pages are numerated so you can directly see where the topic that you are interested is located.
Another important thing is that the last section of the guide is a sharing one where I let go wild my madness that is FREE TO USE TO ANYONE, just in case I'll say it here... USE NOT STEAL.

2) WEB NOVEL Drakhien
The main character is a magic knight in a fantasy world that die after saved a child, for his deed he's promised that he will reborn but something go wrong and he ended "possessing" a young child, starting from that his new life will start following a single dream... become a great craftmen.

3) GAME - Slime King
Truck driver die and is let reincarnate into a fantasy world for the most stupid reason that can exist but once reborn he discover that he became a slime... while despearing the evil queen come to see what happened and start to insult him before go away.
Nervous from that he want revenge and in his help come a "voice" that will stay with him until the end of his jurney while brainwashing monsters and humans in his way

The features of the game will be:
- Companion Gatcha, there will be a small gatcha system for companions, they can be used only in battle
- No EXP, for increase level and stats the player need to go into a special room and use gold for that.
- Shops, since the MC is a monster it can't enter normal shops so he'll have ones only for him to use
- Gold Farming, monsters don't drop items but coin bags and ingot that will turn into money once used in the inventory, since the game is basically.
- Earning, I'm a squirrel and since I'm like this I'll hide money around the maps and put hidden ways for earn that 
- Randomic Dungeons, instead of a static dungeon I'll make a randomized like one where for reach the boss room you don't have to explore but instead change room for a certain number of times.
- Puzzle maps, for brainwash someone the player need to reach the target once sleep or is defeated, once this happen the player will be inside a puzzle map where there are no fights, that once completed 
- Shapeshifting, defeat certain monsters will make possible change into them, this mechanic is used for various things
ll in total despair a demon that call herself "Demon queen" appear and after saw you she simple laugh and leaving you there... 
while walking out of the cave you found the old laboratory of an alchemist and after "eat" the materials thata are there you unlock you potential... now is time for you to walk on the path of vengance and go to kick her out of the throne

A last little note about this game is that originally was a +18 game project but I adapted into a safe one...

- Guide: (Last update 15/07/2019) Guide MEGA Link
- Web Novel:(Last update 23/04/2019) CH 3 Web Novel MEGA Link
- Game: Not released yet
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