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The most natural progression from fly fishing, is that into fly tying. After the industrialisation of the fishing hook, and the time consuming production of fishing flies, was moved to countries with cheap labour. The days are gone, where fly fishermen tied flies out of financial necessity. 

Through fly tying the fly fisherman can open previously locked doors, and enter a whole new world of their sport, tying and customising existing patterns, to your own specific requirements, and even designing your own !
The first flies that a new beginner attempts to tie, are normally acknowledged patterns, that have worked well for them. This is always a good place to start, as long as the patterns don't require any over difficult techniques, procedures or special materials that are not easy to obtain in a sufficient quality. Frustration at this early stage can quickly lead to failure, and a danger, of your fly tying kit ending-up in the attic, along with the windsurfing board and golf clubs.
On the other hand, if the new beginner starts their fly tying journey with a couple of fish-able patterns that are technically easy but still rewarding to tie, these can be the stepping stones to more advanced and challenging patterns, with the help of which, they will eventually be able to tie all the flies they require, and many more.

But this is not just a channel for those that are just learning to tie flies, my intention is that this is a channel, for tyers of all levels alike, giving not only tuition in some of the elementary techniques, but also some contemporary twists, on old ones. Along with many of my own techniques and patterns, that I have developed over 35 years of tying. When learning to tie a new pattern, the techniques, proportions and knowledge, of not only, a materials potential, but also it's limitations, from all your previously tied patterns, all have their place on the road to success. One of the keys factors to this success, is having available, good pedagogic tutorials. This channel, will give you the best detailed images available, for every step, from attaching the tying thread to the finished fly. All accompanied with clear audio instructions, that will lead you through each of the patterns.

Many of you may be familiar with my fly tying tutorials through my published articles and blog ‘The feather Bender’ I felt it only a natural progression from step by step fly-tying tutorials to video tutorials. To begin, I will be publishing one fly tying video per week, these will be a variety of patterns both old and new but all with the emphasis on technique. Although a little more challenging for me as the tyer, I will also be filming all the tutorials (POV) from the tyers side of the vice, I hope this will make the tutorials easier to follow.

Emphasis will be placed upon helping and guiding the new beginner to our craft, to exchange frustration for inspiration and assist them through learning the elementary techniques that are Alfa-Omega for success! But also give the advanced tyer a chance to communicate and enlighten others with tips, tricks, techniques.

$4.37 of $10,000 per month
Eventually I would like to have a small permenant studio set-up, for filming these tutorials, idealy with two cameras one for the overall tying photography and the other for showing close-up more detailed work when needed. If this is acheivable through your support I will be making progress reports on the purchase of equipment and setting up the studio. Supporting the site by pledging a few dollars per month (the amount is you’r choice) is a great way to show your appreciation for the content I provide and the time I use making it. You'll be telling me you enjoy the work and would like to see more.
Think of it as a weekly fly-tying magazine,. You're buying a subscription.
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