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Valued Fans,

It's hard to find quality YouTube videos on anomalous phenomena - what we often call the "paranormal," or the “supernatural.” Because YouTube incentivizes frequent uploads, most channels do only surface-level research, and prioritize quantity of uploads over depth of information. In an effort to appeal to the broadest possible audience, channels gravitate towards the most sensational claims, and force the most extravagant conclusions. While this serves their bottom line, it also erodes the credibility of anomalistics - or the study of anomalous phenomena - and leads people to believe that there is no good evidence for the unexplained.

Think Anomalous is a YouTube series on anomalous phenomena that breaks from this pattern, presenting the strongest evidence for the unexplained in a clear and rational manner. I started this channel in 2016, beginning with quick summaries of “classic” cases, from 20th-century UFO sightings to early-modern entity encounters. Lately, I’ve been doing surveys of entire phenomena, or fields of research - crop circles and reincarnation, for example - and video essays, too.

Videos are done in the style of historical documentaries with voice-over narration. I eschew the sensationalism of some other channels in favour of a “just-the-facts” approach, and a minimum of (reasoned) speculation. I also put topics in context, and discuss the wider implications of the evidence. I don’t like to tell anybody what to think, or to insist on any particular interpretations, but I try to give viewers a broad and balanced view of the subject so that they can reach their own conclusions.

I want people to know that there is a wealth of evidence for anomalous phenomena, and that it’s not as controversial as they probably think it is. I believe that we can do a lot to reduce the stigma on these topics by showing people that there is a way to approach them both rationally and empirically. If you believe this too, then please read on, and consider supporting my work on Patreon.

Commitment to Quality:

Think Anomalous aims for a higher standard of content and production than most YouTube channels that cover the unexplained. Quality of research is the top priority: I ensure that every video represents the most factual, comprehensive, and balanced treatment of that subject that you will find anywhere on YouTube. Videos are introductory in the sense that they assume no prior knowledge, and take a comprehensive view of the subject under study. At the same time, however, they convey a great deal of in-depth information, striking the perfect balance between depth and accessibility. I also strive for higher production quality than most content producers today: all of my videos feature pristine audio, seamless video editing, and custom, animated illustrations to help tell the story.

But it takes a great deal of work to meet these standards...

What Goes Into Every Video:

Quality takes time. Each video production requires a minimum of:

  • 20 hours to research the topic (often much longer)
  • 10 hours to write and edit the script
  • 2 hours to record the narration
  • 8 hours to edit the audio
  • 10 hours to edit the video

In total, that’s a minimum of 50 hours of work. I do most of it myself, in addition to working an unrelated full-time job. On top of this, I now hire:

  • an artist to make custom illustrations (~ $400 - 600/ video)
  • a research assistant to read sources and draft scripts (~$300/ video)
  • a channel manager to perform a range of back-end tasks (~ $300/ month)
  • a composer for the occasional new backing song ($150/ song)

Depending on my upload schedule, this means that I’m paying anywhere from $650 - $1200 per month to run this channel, plus whatever new songs I commission. Ad revenue has helped cover most of these expenses, but I have nothing left over to pay myself for all the hours I work, and no money to grow the channel, despite pouring thousands of dollars into it over the last three years.

To sustain this channel, I’m forced to work a full-time job in audio post production, and it consumes the better part of my day. Working around this job, the entire process takes of creating a video takes me anywhere from 6 - 8 weeks: a long time for YouTube.

Creating More Content:

My slow upload rate is preventing my videos from fully benefiting from YouTube’s promotion algorithms, thus slowing the channel’s growth. Fans are always asking me to upload videos more frequently, but I simply don’t have the time to do any more work than I already do.

But with your help, I can speed up my release schedule significantly, bringing you more videos without having to chase YouTube’s algorithms for more views. For $4000/ month, I can quit my day job to work on Think Anomalous full time, but in the meantime, there are other goals to hit. For the monthly donations specified below, I can hire out more of the research, and the more technical tasks like audio editing, video editing, and updating social media. This would free up more time for writing and recording scripts, and ultimately making more videos.


I’ve got some ambitious goals for Think Anomalous, and with your help, I can meet them all. please consider signing up for any tier you can afford to commit to, and encourage others to do the same. Even if you can’t afford to become a patron, our videos will always be free to view. You can support our work by liking, subscribing, and commenting, and also by watching the ads on videos, and sharing our work with friends.

Help me make more quality content on the unexplained. Together we can rescue anomalistics from behind the veil of ridicule, and pave the way for a scientific study of anomalous phenomena. Thank you! 

Jason Charbonneau, May 20, 2019

For a one-time donation of $1000, I will produce my next video on a documented subject of your choosing - subject to some negotiation. Read more details on the website at then contact me at [email protected]
$85 of $500 per month
Once I begin receiving $500 / month on Patreon, I’ll record a video of myself telling the story of my own UFO encounter in 2013, and the strange anomalies that accompanied it. This video will only be available to those paying $5/ month or more.
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