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My Story
Combining video game vistas with real-world exploration. This community has grown immensely since 2007 when it all started with a podcast, Nintendo Radio. Over time we grew to into a family of over 6K strong. With your support I finally had a forum for discussion on topics in gaming that mattered to me. I tracked my greatest passion, Pokemon, back to its origins in Japan. With a biology degree in hand and many tales to tell I come to Patreon to find support for these stories. I seek to combine the inquisitive nature of science with Pokemon.
Add me on 3Ds let's battle and trade!!! FC: 1779-0263-6061

What to Expect
-Explore hacked worlds few have found.
-Find out more about the origins of Pokemon biology. 
-Learn how to alter the genetics of Pokemon for perfect WiFi Battles.

Benefits to Patrons
Scientist $1/month
-Original scripts, screenshots, and unreleased exclusives
-Access to behind the scenes process
-Uncut game footage
-New videos each month

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-Gain access to my travel footage in Colorado, Japan, & Brazil
-Learn about my experience studying abroad
-New videos each month
-Includes scientist perks

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-Access to all previous level perks (Full behind the scenes & travel vlogs)
-Shiny/ Fully Trained Pokemon
-Monthly trades with Patrons
-New event Pokemon

Pokemon Master $100/month
-Access to all previous level perks (Behind the scenes, travel vlogs, & event trade)
-Signed Japanese Pokemon Card sent to show my gratitude
-Collaborate together on a creative project

This level will be limited to my most hardcore patron. To that person you have my eternal appreciation and as such will be mentioned in future projects as my benefactor.   

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 29 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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