is creating HOPE for those effected by the injustice of Homelessness.

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Basic Supply Kit
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This tier helps me supply an essential supply kit to an Unhoused Individual, potentially saving a life. The kit includes: good quality socks, bottled water, good quality canned food, hygiene supplies, (tooth brush, tooth-paste, soap, etc.) and other special supplies. Thank you.
Blanket supply kit
per month
This tier allows me to supply around 3-5 Unhoused individuals with warm blankets or sleeping bags. Thank you for helping.
Additional Supply Drop
per month
Supporting this tier allows me to fund an additional  basic supply drop each month, allowing me to better help the homeless community. Thank you.




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Ever since last June(I think), I have been suiting up as Batman to go to downtown San José to deliver food, water, blankets, socks, and other supplies to the growing homeless population in San Jose. I use the suit to attract attention to the issue of homelessness in San Jose by getting people to look at the issues that normally we all consciously choose to ignore. Through spreading awareness of the growing issue of homelessness in San Jose, I hope to inspire others who are better equipped to solve this problem to do something to help those in need. The city of San Jose is surrounded by and filled with wealth and prosperity, and yet there are so many in need of help. I do not directly work for any organizations. I have been funding this mission on my own with minimal assistance. It is surprisingly inexpensive to do a drop; it usually only costs me about $20 (basically the cost of a trip to the movies) if I utilize the dollar store to obtain the supplies. It is so easy to help, it kills me every time I get the receipt from the cashier. I am still in High School, yet I take it upon myself to do this not because it benefits me (trust me, I could help just as much by donating or volunteering and not have to put on the suit every single time) but because there is not enough being done to fix this societal Injustice. There are so many people in San Jose who could do so much to help, but choose to look the other way. I’ve even witnessed those who are economically disadvantaged get treated as LESS than human. At the end of the day, no matter who you are or what people tell you you are, YOU CAN HELP. All it takes is a will to act. If we don’t act, no one else will. What I am trying to say is that anyone can help, whether you choose a ‘boots-on-the-ground’ approach like me, or just simply volunteering wherever you can.
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