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About Heliot's Faithful

Who are you?
Hey there! I'm Brandygang, and I love to draw, write and make little games in my spare time. I have a lot of fun coming up with ideas, and enjoy getting feedback on them. I'm generally enjoy transformations and related fetishes greatly!

Unfortunately as life would have it, working on that isn't always easy! But if you like my stuff than I'd totally appreciate it if you supported me. Just some money for food, books, school loans and all that, and occasionally maybe a piece of equipment to create more fun things! If there's extra I feel I don't need, I'd love to find a way to give back, perhaps with commissions or something special.

What is this Patron for?
This is just a nice little way to compensate for any time I spend on various projects, which as of this moment centers around a Game I'm working on called "The Hero We Need." I have no desire to hit the lottery with it, but am just hoping to get a little extra support and motivation from enthusiastic fans, if not that's perfectly fine too. I've a fairly good plan and head start on it, but with your help I can release a tighter and smooth schedule for releasing content, and possibly having additional material (Such as say, art) added to it. Donations would be greatly appreciated, and go through on a by-the-update schedule.

How does this work?
For each patron, I'll be reinvigorated to keep working on and updating this game! If we reach some milestones I'll add expanded content to my initial plans and projections, as well as other treats. The patron works on a per update schedule, usually a little more than every week or two. What I consider an update is a fairly decent boost in new content in chunks and whole sections, not a tweak or anything (Bug fixes don't count! Period.), and I'd like to get them scheduled every week to roughly two and a half at latest. This would limit donations to how fast I can churn out new stuff! If I'm busy that month and don't update, I don't get paid! Simple as that.

What do I earn for pledging?
Donators would get the luxury of getting to play the game updates earlier, as well as receiving other small things such as sketches or little previews. If I reach a certain milestone, I might start up a blog to help fill players in on some of the processes that go on behind the scenes with writing and messing with the game! Also, for backing my patron you get to make suggestions and direct game feedback which I might accept more readily, I may have Polls or little events where I take ideas directly from backers and work them into the game or sketch/write them out, ect!

If you like my stuff, whether it's the game The Hero We Need or just want me to write some weird fetishy stuff I'll graciously appreciate any help I can get! Monetary, sentimental or just support in spirit works too.

Next Projected Update: December 10th
$198.30 of $200 per Content Update
Wow, 200$? Really! I'd be amazed and so grateful, but I'll also definitely add the new dark continent and even put in additional Dungeons for the fans pleasure. I will add an additional story Arc, be open with it and and take even more direct suggestions to expand the game further. I'll also commission art for several Transformation scenes as well!
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