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About B/X Blackrazor

My name is Jonathan Becker, though I generally go by the handle JB when blogging, which I've been doing since 2009 via my B/X Blackrazor blog. Usually, I write about tabletop role-playing games and game design, particularly Dungeons & Dragons, though my posts have ranged the gambit from religion and astrology to Latin America and the National Football League (the latter most often viewed through the lens of the Blood Bowl game).

While I've avoided the temptation of monetizing my blog for the last decade, financial considerations and time demands necessitate at least opening some additional revenue streams...thus, my decision to sign on to Patreon. If nothing else, the income I receive here will allow me the ability to support other Patreon projects whose expense I cannot otherwise justify.

In addition to opinionated (er, "passionate") blog posts and occasional reviews, I've published several game related books and provided critique and editing help to other game designers. These will now become part of my support tiers...please check them out!

Thank you for your support and readership! I truly appreciate it!
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